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Finding the Unasked Question

In my early career, I found myself in a perplexing situation that would ultimately lead to a significant turning point in my professional journey. A new manager had asked me a simple yet profound question, and my response was nothing but silence.

New Manager: Ask the question.

Younger Me: (silence)

New Manager: Why don’t you ask the question?

Younger Me: (silence)

New Manager: (silence)

This seemingly ordinary exchange held within it a weighty silence. It was a moment that would leave a lasting impact, even though I didn’t fully grasp its significance at the time.

Shortly after this conversation, I made a life-altering decision: I resigned from my position without a clear plan for what lay ahead. As I embarked on a period of uncertainty and reflection, one question reverberated in my mind: “What was the question I was supposed to be asking?”

During my stint of unemployment, I found solace in reading and came across a poignant story about a man engrossed in a dense, non-fiction book. He appeared perplexed, prompting another individual familiar with the text to approach him and ask, “Do you understand what you are reading?” The baffled reader gazed up and replied, “How can I unless someone explains it to me?”

In that moment, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between this story and my own experience. It became clear to me that my former manager (FM) had been the one asking the question, and I was the one yearning for an explanation.

This realization marked the beginning of my journey toward a deeper understanding of myself and the unasked questions that had lingered in the silent exchanges of my professional life. It was a journey that led me to the transformative field of coaching, where I discovered the power of holistic communication, self-awareness, and personal growth.

Now, as a dedicated coach, my focus is on co-creating a path of self-discovery and communication mastery with my clients. I empower them to design their unique journey, embracing the freedom to explore their own unasked questions and find the answers that will lead to growth and transformation.

The question my former manager posed, the silence that followed, and the ensuing journey of self-discovery have shaped my approach to coaching. I am here to help you understand the moments in your professional and personal life, to guide you in finding the unasked questions, and to empower you to design your path towards authentic communication, personal growth, and impactful connections.

So, I ask you: What do you need to understand this moment? How can I support you?