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I’m Maravi Melendez-Davis

Empowered Consultant, Coach and Coach Trainer

Helping You
Handle Your
Growth Shifts



Coaching for Executives
and People Leaders

Individuals and Groups


Coaching for Teams

Teams and Supervisors

We coach. You lead.

Whether You’re Discovering, Lost or Still Exploring.
Helping you transition
  • Are you hoping to get more focused and re-centered?
  • Are you wanting to make conscious choices and informed decisions?
  • Are you ready to become more effective in what you’re doing?


What behavioral patterns are holding you back from success?



What can you do
to interrupt your unproductive routines?


How will you shift to form new, transformational habits that excite and motivate you?

What Is Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Change is a constant. When you succumb to an unwanted shift in your life, negative emotions may arise and your ways of being and acting can change. This is a limiting state. Get back to being limitless by designing a way forward.

Coaching is...

…the ability to see a client as a whole person with the capacity to get what they want. Through powerful questioning, a coach helps a client reach within themselves to discover their potential and reveal their possibilities.

Coaching is for those who process matters in their head.

Head-center clues:

Do you fear and become anxious about what might happen in the future? Feel like there is never enough, e.g., money/time? Does self-doubt or boredom come up for you? Do you need someone to help you move your thoughts and projects forward?

Coaching is for those who process matters in their heart.

Heart-center clues:

Do you have trouble accepting yourself? Is life easier when you pretend to be someone you are not? Do you feel you are unseen and unheard? When your real self is exposed, do you feel ashamed? Do you believe you are hard to love?

Coaching is for those who process matters in their gut.

Gut clues:

Do you “just know” what to do and what decisions to make? Do you feel sensations in your gut when faced with an obstacle? Do the terms “power” and “action” resonate with you? Do you believe that in order to survive and be truly taken care of, you need to protect yourself by pretending you do matter or exist? Have you experienced what it is like to disappear in a room of people?

Diversity and Equity in Coaching

Continuing Coach Education training program designed for current and emerging coaches as well as workplace leaders and business owners looking to engage in dynamic discussions to understand self and others in new ways.

Earn certification along with ICF CCEs and SHRM PDCs!

Next training runs from January 25 to February 10:  Wednesdays and Fridays from 11:30AM ET to 1:00PM ET. 

Associate Certified Coach (ACC),
International Coaching Federation

Coach Trainer & Certified Master Coach (CMC),
Center for Coaching Certification

HR Certified Professional (SHRM-CP),
Society for Human Resource Management

FIVE LENS Practitioner & Team Facilitator,
FIVE LENS People Development/Ennea International

Master’s in Educational Administration,
Drexel University

Bachelor’s in Public Relations & Advertising,
Rowan University

About Me

I’m Maravi and I run a business focused on people, leaders, and teams.

We live in a V.U.C.A. world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. Such days challenge even the most emotionally intelligent individual.

This is clearly a good time for change. What will you do to capitalize on it?

Whether you are an individual contributor, a people leader or an executive, you are dynamic! How do you want to design your next impact?


Maravi knows her stuff. She’s a self-starter, knowledgeable and incredibly motivated. I always want her on my team.”

Onome P-E.
Chief of Staff

“[Maravi] is a careful listener, extremely effective in helping you identify what is important… She is a motivator, an encourager and a powerful coach.”

Tekiah B.
Educator & School Leader Coach

“Maravi has helped me develop a human-centered approach to finding solutions that are mutually beneficial to staff, managers, and the organization.”

Norinda R-Y.
Chief Equity Officer

“Maravi is passionate about her work, the people she serves and the people she works with. She will champion your brand and bring energy to any team.”

Amanda N.
Project Manager

Maravi sees challenges as opportunities and approaches her work with a thoughtful, analytical, and dynamic “can do” attitude that motivates those around her.” 

Jackie M.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

You are/Your team is either experiencing change, coming out of an evolution, or going into a transition. Get prepared, starting with the essentials—understanding self, others, and your team.

By leveraging an integrated assessment tool (e.g., FIVE LENS Questionnaire), individuals and teams quickly determine how their sole and/or collective actions, thoughts, motivations, social drives, and energies align with their aspirations.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Designing Your Life Today!

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